Fatherless Day

I worked in the Nassau County jail, in a very large dorm-like room with just over 116, 20-year-old, mostly fatherless, young men. Most of these teens were facing felony charges. The Thursday afternoon meeting would begin with an attention-getter that would start them talking about their experiences and then we would share truth from [...]

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‘A Father to the fatherless is God…’

God came to us at Christmas through Jesus so that we can have a relationship with Him. Relationships are big to God. He wants to have one with each of us and has given us the privilege and responsibility to be His light in a dark world through relationships. Psalm 68:5 tells us that [...]

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88 L.I. Boys Wait for a Mentor

I was at my church and community harvest party and it seems like all the moms were serving and the dads were walking the kids around to have fun. I must admit at first it felt good to see that many dads with their kids. Everyone enjoyed the music, dads were showing off at the ring the bell with the sledgehammer game, and the kids were eating their fair share of candy.

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The Cost of Crossing a Bridge

The La Fiere Bridge in Normandy, France We don’t think much of bridges unless the toll goes up. When it does, we complain and pay it. I hear the cost of the Tappan Zee Bridge will double soon. This summer I saw a bridge that cost much more. It was the La [...]

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Max is Waiting

He opened the small lidded box slowly, almost reverently, and introduced me to his treasures one by one. Among them was a small toy airplane, a rock shining with mica, and a souvenir from an outing with his parents. I listened raptly as he told me how he had acquired each item and pointed out their other distinguishing characteristics. Then suddenly he looked up at me, directly into my eyes and said, “My daddy died.”

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Roger & Chris are the most unlikely of pairs. Roger is all gray-haired, Jesus loving wisdom. Chris is all things youthful, including the usual confusion & insecurities. They have been matched for over four years, walking together through the ups & downs of Chris’ challenging life; homelessness, group home placement, suicide attempts, family implosions, changing schools,

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