Christian Mentoring Program

Children growing up in very difficult circumstances need to experience love that is expressed over time. Christians have a clear command to care for orphans. We’ll provide guidance and support as you walk down this incredibly rewarding path. Our hope is that you begin to see the face of Christ in these children. Christian love for Fatherless Children!

The Process of Becoming a Mentor

  1. It first and foremost requires a sense of call from God. We will join you in this process of considering God’s call through the following steps.
  2. Phone application interview with a member of the Youth Mentoring Staff
  3. Four references (pastor, friend, family member, employer)
  4. A 3.5 hour orientation seminar
  5. A comprehensive on line background check

The Ideal Candidate

Many people wrongly assume that in order to be effective in ministry to a fatherless or orphaned child you must be a social worker or a teacher. This is not true. Over 33 years we have found that if a Christian prays up and shows up, God shows up. This is not a ministry where we can expect instant results. Like any relationship, it takes time. Dr. Dobson once said that children spell love, ‘T.I.M.E.’.

It is for this reason that most people who are matched with a child either have not had children yet or their children are fairly well grown and needing less time. This is not a prerequisite but an observation to consider.

There are a few prerequisites:

  • You have been attending your church for at least one year.
  • One of the pastors or elders of the church know you.
  • You have an abiding relationship with Jesus.
  • You have a car.
  • You are 21 or older.

Please fill out this form so that we can join you in considering your call to mentor a child. We will call you shortly.