The mentor Toolkit is a collection of helpful stories, guiding principles, and lists of ideas specially compiled to help you be more effective on your mission field of ONE.

Behavior and Consequences –  In today’s world, avoiding responsibility is commonplace and children sometimes seem like they do not understand how current behavior impacts future options. In this section are a few stories showing how a mentor can be that safe and essential person to help their mentee take responsibility for their choices and actions and to develop character and integrity.

Hope for the Future –  One of the greatest gifts mentors give their mentees is holding out hope for the future, faithfully, week in and week out. Here are a group of stories that show different way mentors have gone about this important role.

Teachable Moments — Building Trust and Encouraging Faith: –  It is often during the ordinary moments of everyday life—playing basketball, sharing a meal—that we can also discover the most simple but profound lessons that stay with us long after the outing is over. In this section are a couple of anecdotes from mentors about times such as these.

Activities—Anecdotes, Low Cost/No Cost Suggestions, Teen Friendly Ideas:  – In this section, you will find many fun and simple activity ideas to do with your mentee that will provide enjoyable and memorable common shared experiences. Also included are a couple of anecdotes from actual matches about turning a seemingly “negative” outing into a positive one.

Conversation Starters—For When My Mentee Won’t Talk  – Sometimes we are matched to quiet, introverted kids and it can be hard to get them talking. Here you will find some suggestions on how to start conversations with non-threatening, and sometimes humorous, questions to get your young person to open up. Also included in this section is a story from an actual mentor about how to handle a difficult conversation.

Encouragement For Mentors—You are Making A Difference!  – Mentoring is not an easy calling from God but it is an important one and we all go through times of discouragement and wondering if we are making a difference. Here are a group of stories designed to give you encouragement, comfort, strength, hope, and perspective. If you are showing up each week, you are making a difference!