Laurie is a mentor who is matched to a 15 year old girl named Shayne. Last Saturday they went to the petting zoo on the June Youth Mentoring trip. These monthly trips are provided by the ministry to accomplish three goals. 1) They are designed to provide shared experiences that build relationships. 2) Many of our kids have lived on Long Island all their lives and have never been to the beach or on a boat. So the trips expand their view of the world     3) At most of the events we present the Gospel.

After an hour of feeding the giraffe, goats and the like, Laurie told Shayne  to stay with Donna, another mentor, so she could go to the ladies room. When Laurie was gone, Donna asked Shayne how long she and Laurie had been matched. “Six years.”

‘Wow, I’m a newbie compared to you. Crystal and I have only been matched for 6 months. Do you have any advice for me as a mentor?’

Shayne looked up and thought for a minute before replying. ‘Just try to bond with her.’  This is the advice from a 15 year old girl who has had the friendship of a Christian woman for 6 years. ‘Just try to bond with her.’

Notice this teenage girl did not suggest buying things or even going on great adventures. Her advice spoke of what she valued the most, the relationship.

This is also what our Lord values. He wants to have a relationship with you and me and these young women and men who are so dear to Him.