I was recently invited to attend a meeting of pastors and social workers who run group homes on Long Island. The children in these homes are either orphans or they have been removed from their homes because the homes were toxic for one reason or another. It was a very casual breakfast meeting until one of the social workers asked a very challenging question:

“Why isn’t the Church more responsive to the needs of these orphans?”

Ouch!!! It was not asked as a complaint, but as a serious question. The facilitator called on those who raised their hands as I thoughtfully listened. It was a question that went so deep it hurt. Then the facilitator called on me even though I hadn’t dared to raise my hand. I am rarely this reflective without an answer. Just as I was about to say, “I don’t know”, the answer came to me. “The Church of Jesus Christ does not know the heart of God for these kids. The reason the Church does not know His heart is because those of us who do, have not shared it.” As I said this, I knew it was the responsibility of Long Island Youth Mentoring to do this.

Following is a book that is designed to share the heart of God for the fatherless and orphan by telling stories of the fatherless. Each chapter will have an attached video of the person in the story. This prologue and the attached video is my introduction. All the chapters will be stories of children, mothers, and mentors who have been impacted by Christian mentoring. One chapter will be release each month until the book is complete. Please watch the video and then share them on Facebook, Twitter and through your email. This will help us share the heart of God for His fatherless and orphaned child.

Chapter 1 – Worthless *%#%*&*
Chapter 2 – “Will You Be… Like My Dad?”
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8