LuiseAbout a year into their relationship Joanne* began to end her meetings with Tonya* with a simple prayer. Over time they began a short devotional while they waited for their meal or while sitting in the car. Eventually, Joanne invited Tonya to her church. As the relationship grew conversations about faith were easily woven into their conversations. One day Joanne got the news that none of us want to hear she had cancer. There were surgeries, treatments, dietary changes, and the nagging fatigue. Joanne met with Tonya as often as possible and they talked on the phone when visits were not possible. As Joanne walked through the process she shared her faith in God’s love and her trust in Him.

Live out your faith in the most natural ways; prayer before meals, letting them know that you are praying for them (when they are sick or someone in their family is sick), etc.

Share your testimony of God’s faithfulness in your life as your own prayers are answered.

Pray with your mentee about their concerns and then acknowledge the answer as God moves In their life. A prayer journal can be a powerful visual tool.

Article by: Cathi Sudler