Because Having a Heart has Not Worked by John Cragg After 50 years and over 22 trillion dollars, we have settled into fighting the war on poverty without a thought to what our goal is. Is our goal to move the poor from dependence to self-sufficiency like President Johnson said when war was declared? [...]

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88 L.I. Boys Wait for a Mentor

I was at my church and community harvest party and it seems like all the moms were serving and the dads were walking the kids around to have fun. I must admit at first it felt good to see that many dads with their kids. Everyone enjoyed the music, dads were showing off at the ring the bell with the sledgehammer game, and the kids were eating their fair share of candy.

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Vision: Birthed, Incarcerated, Reborn!

Am I going to wear one of these when I graduate Uncle Brady? When did you decide to go to college? I have asked this question to dozens of people. Most stop and think before they reply: 'I always knew I was going.' Where do we get our vision for life? It happens in so [...]

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Shhhhhhh….. Cultural Cancer!

A recent article (April 20, 2014) in the Wall Street Journal began like this: ‘Suppose a scientific conference on cancer prevention never addressed smoking, on the grounds that in a free society you can't change private behavior, and anyway, maybe the statistical relationships between smoking and cancer are really caused by some other third [...]

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The Hired Gun In Missions

The problems in our land reflect the fact that the Church has bought into the ‘Hired Gun’ model of ministry. We tend to enjoy the fact that we have hired someone to do the work of God. The Government is our biggest hired gun. We would not say that they are doing God’s work, [...]

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How Many Dads Are We Able To Buy?

A Christian school was preparing to have Larry Raab, a leading member of our staff, as the chapel speaker. The school was working with the children to raise money for this ministry as a mission project. The young children were told that this is a ministry to the fatherless. One sensitive youngster understood the problem better than most and asked: “How many dads are we going to be able to buy?”

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I Feel So Alive

The mentor's purpose and plan was clear from the beginning; to lovingly care for her new friend during simple outings to the park, the beach, on bike rides, or anything that did not cost much money but did give them an opportunity to laugh, talk and get to know each other. Through the rapid development of this simple friendship, Courtney’s heart began to change.

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