Conversation Starters—For When My Mentee Won’t Talk: Sometimes we are matched to quiet, introverted kids and it can be hard to get them talking. Here you will find some suggestions on how to start conversations with non-threatening, and sometimes humorous, questions to get your young person to open up. Also included in this section is a story from an actual mentor about how to handle a difficult conversation.


Tell me the five best things about you? If you could have the following superpower, which one would you pick? the ability to fly, super strength, or being able to turn invisible. If you were trapped on a deserted island and could pick one famous person to be with, who would it be? If [...]

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Sometimes People Just Don’t Want To Talk

Hal*, the mentor, had just picked up Jason*, his 19-year-old mentee, from the group home. Hal was aware that Jason had been giving the staff a very difficult time doing his chores and carrying out his other basic responsibilities in the home as required. So, on the way to grab a bite to eat, [...]

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