We have 269 children around the USA that want to get into our programs that have desparate need of our help — Unfortunately, we do not have the funds to meet this need.

Their friends pressure them to follow a life of drugs, sex, violance and jail. Their parents can be in jail, on drugs, drunk or completely missing. In the more extreme cases, our kids have been molested by parents and

friends of their parents. As a Christian, we have the obligation to share an alternative — life with Christ.

It costs $700,000 to incarcerate a person for life. Some states spend as much as $3.2 million on each death penalty case. BUT, it only costs $450 a year for LIYM to support a mentor to help a child before it is too late. Click here to help with a donation.

As all Christians know, there is an alternative life style. We need your financial help or your time to help support one of these kids — please help us so that they are not let down. Without your help, who will they turn to?

“My friends are out partiing and experimenting with drugs. I spend time with my mentor and her family. We have fun shopping and baking. I don’t need to hang out with my friends when they are partiing any more.” 12 Year Old Girl

“This is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I get so much more than I give. ” – Long Time Mentor

Background For Our National Ministry:

Our ministry has started other youth mentoring programs around the world: In 2001 we started receiving calls from churches and ministries across the nation. Our President, George W. Bush, was encouraging the faith based community to use the most effective known strategy to reach out to our nation’s fatherless youth; mentoring. In response to these calls, we started the “Christian Mentoring Institute”. This national effort was a challenge to us financially, but it excited us to the true potential of the methodology that God has entrusted to us. Dozens of new mentoring ministries were started. Many have been established in churches around the nation, ministering to the children of their single parent families, while others reached out to their communities, duplicating what God has done here on Long Island through a Para-church ministry.

After a couple years we met up with leaders of mentoring ministries around country. This group of national leaders joined forces to start the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring. We merged the Christian Mentoring Institute into this ministry. Now it is being well run under a separate board of directors. However, we remain great partners on this mission field to the fatherless.

It only takes $450 to support a child for a year! Click here to help.