Teachable Moments—Building Trust and Encouraging Faith: It is often during the ordinary moments of everyday life—playing basketball, sharing a meal—that we can also discover the most simple but profound lessons that stay with us long after the outing is over. In this section are a couple of anecdotes from mentors about times such as these.

Live Out Your Faith In Any Circumstance

About a year into their relationship Joanne* began to end her meetings with Tonya* with a simple prayer. Over time they began a short devotional while they waited for their meal or while sitting in the car. Eventually, Joanne invited Tonya to her church. As the relationship grew conversations about faith were easily woven [...]

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My Plans For This Week’s Outing Fell Through

Geo* and Lewis* were only a few weeks into their match when I received a call from Geo. “I checked out the game room where I was going to take Lewis later today, but I didn’t like the feel of the place. Do you have any last-minute ideas of things we could do instead? [...]

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Turning Disasters Into Amazing Memories

Sue* took her mentee, Joan*, out east to visit a small museum. Apparently, the museum was horrible. It was dimly lit, not terribly clean, and had a lot of exhibits of stuffed cats. Sue felt terrible. However, she decided to make the best of it and had a contest with Joan to see who [...]

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