One-to-One Mentoring Ministry

Christian Child Sponsor Troy comes from a home with barely enough food on the table. His clothes are hand-me-downs, which are raggedy looking at best. His Dad has been in jail since he was two and his Mom works two jobs to make ends meet. Troy has been matched to his mentor Carl for almost two years. Carl is a gentle-spirited, faithful mentor who has had a huge impact on Troy. Troy feels valued and loved. Learn more about our One-to-One Mentoring Ministry »

Bridges Ministry

Ministry to Foster ChildrenBridges provides mentoring to foster care children at group homes. LIYM meets with the group home and discusses where the needs and the available resources to meet those needs overlap. LIYM further works with the staff in the home to assess and identify the children who would both want and benefit from a mentoring program. The youngsters are between the ages of 14 and 20. hey are in these group foster homes for many reasons: some have no parents and are true orphans; some have been removed because of abuse and others have been sent there by the court system, and still, others are emotionally disabled and unable to function in their own homes for a myriad of reasons. There are about as many reasons as there are children. Learn more about our Bridges Ministry »

Homework Club

Christian Tutoring ProgramPartners to Potential is an after-school tutoring program designed to help seven to ten-year-old children improve their reading while also helping them develop socially, emotionally and spiritually. Long Island Youth Mentoring uses its credibility within the communities in which we already work to establish partnerships between elementary schools and churches. We offer our expertise and program design to the church. Learn more about our Partners to Potential Ministry »

Mothers’ Ministry

Mothers' Ministry The main objective in starting the Mothers’ Ministry was to provide friendship for the mothers of LIYM children since they often have needs themselves. Many of these mothers are single parents and have little or no support from family or friends. Often they are lonely and isolated with little time to go out and make friends. Learn more about our Mothers’ Ministry »

World Wide Reach

World Wide Christian Ministry In 2001 we started receiving calls from churches and ministries across the nation. Our President, George W. Bush, was encouraging the faith based community to use the most effective known strategy to reach out to our nation’s fatherless at risk youth; mentoring. In response to these calls, we started the “Christian Mentoring Institute”. This national effort was a challenge to us financially, but it excited us to the true potential of the methodology that God has entrusted to us.

Learn more about World Wide Reach »