The Greatest Father’s Day Gift

I have heard it said that being a father is hereditary. If your father has no children, there is a very good chance that you will have no children.  I have also heard it said that hurt people, hurt people.  The first statement is a joke, but the latter is not.  When we have a [...]

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That Just Means a Lot

Nine year old, Jeffery* looked up to his father, an avid motorcycle rider and motocross enthusiast. They had their moments of tension along the way, as all fathers and sons do, but the common ground of the motorcycle riding and repair routine kept them engaged with one another. Jeffery loved the things his dad was [...]

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The Gangster Gripped by God

I met James* when he was eight. He was a solid square-shouldered, verbally gifted boy with a beaming smile. He lived with his mother, whom he adored, and his brothers. His stepfather had just been shot dead on the stoop of his home on the most violent block of Long Island. James was a [...]

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The Shipbuilder’s Agenda

Right after I finished the third grade, my dad moved us from a wealthy suburban community to the inner city, where he accepted a call to pastor the Roseville Presbyterian Church in Newark, NJ. My parents chose to send me to the local school a block from our house. My fourth grade class had 44 [...]

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A Tale of Two Journals – Bud and Me

Bud, February 2017 My name is Bud. I'm ten. As soon as school is over for the day, I start running. I want to be the first one out so I can sit behind the bus driver that way the kids in the back won't tease me. As soon as the bus stops, I run [...]

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