I was at my church and community harvest party and it seems like all the moms were serving and the dads were walking the kids around to have fun. I must admit at first it felt good to see that many dads with their kids.

Everyone enjoyed the music, dads were showing off at the ring the bell with the sledgehammer game, and the kids were eating their fair share of candy. Easily the most popular attraction for the smaller kids was the bounce houses and blow up rides.

I was walking around with my youngest boy and his favorite was the blow-up slide. Some of the kids were concerned at first because it is a little scary looking down from the top. As I watch each child look down at the bottom nervously then I can see them make eye contact with their dad waiting at the bottom. Many kids were saying “Dad catch me.” As soon as they were comforted by the knowledge that dad was waiting at the bottom and would catch them, they had the confidence to take the leap.

I was having a wonderful day full of nothing but good feelings of family, church, and life and then I had an awakening.

As was waiting at the bottom for my youngest boy I heard the voice of another boy who was upset. “I have no one to catch me!” Because it seems like all the dads were waiting for their children one of the men asked “Son where’s your dad?” The little boy’s response seemed to echo as he said “I don’t have a dad and I have no one to catch me.” Immediately I ran over and waited at the bottom for him.

I was instantly reminded of how many kids don’t have a dad in their life. Even more troubling was the fact that they don’t know that they have a loving father in heaven.

I came to my office at Long Island Youth mentoring the next day with a deeper sense of determination to get mentors for children who could lead them to a loving heavenly father.

We need mentors. Call and join us in considering your call.  If you want to hear more about how you can help in other ways, call our office at 631-242-5101 to sign up to attend our dinner/auction on November 21st. You will hear testimonies from two boys and you will have an opportunity to give needed funds.

Serving Our Savior,

Vince Eppolito
Intake Coordinator