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The mentor Toolkit is a collection of helpful stories, guiding principles, and lists of ideas specially compiled to help you be more effective on your mission field of ONE. Behavior and Consequences -  In today’s world, avoiding responsibility is commonplace and children sometimes seem like they do not understand how current behavior impacts future options. [...]

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Father’s Day and Fatherless Day Thoughts

This week, Kay, my wife and a fourth grade teacher, gave her students a writing assignment. It was entitled, ‘My Favorite Memory with My Dad.’ Kay’s class is one of those rare classes where all the kids have their dads living with them at home. She said the one statement that was in so [...]

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What is Fun and Efficient and Fills the Master’s Financial Tool Shed?

  7th Annual Miniature Golf Fundraiser Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at Country Fair Entertainment Park in Medford. GIVE Long Island Youth Mentoring is a ministry that assists the local Christian Church in reaching out to fatherless and foster children through mentoring friendships. Christian men and woman who are called, spend 2-4 hours a week with [...]

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Socks And Underwear???

As a young boy I remember staring with great anticipation at a brightly wrapped box under our Christmas tree that I was certain contained a Charlie Connerly football. Christmas morning my elation was quickly replaced by painful disappointment. That box that had held such promise now revealed that it only contained socks and underwear. Seeing [...]

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I Don’t Like Him!

Jonathan* was eight at the time of this memorable drive. He had only been involved with Long Island Youth Mentoring for a short time but he had already became affectionately known as “The Crier” by many who interacted with him. The name fit because of his tendency to start wailing uncontrollably for anything that resembled [...]

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Long (Necked) Friendships

Laurie is a mentor who is matched to a 15 year old girl named Shayne. Last Saturday they went to the petting zoo on the June Youth Mentoring trip. These monthly trips are provided by the ministry to accomplish three goals. 1) They are designed to provide shared experiences that build relationships. 2) Many of [...]

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