A Dinner ThemeLast Saturday Taya and I hosted our third annual dinner for her family.  We spent a few hours at my house preparing food, and then served a total of 8 guests in my church basement.  Each year she chooses a theme, and this year, she wanted to do everything “old-fashioned”.  So we found some old looking jackets and hats and pearl necklaces to wear.  We decorated the table with candles, old china dishes and a beautiful decorative tablecloth.  For the menu we decided to bake bread from scratch to serve with pot roast and potatoes and carrots and a broccoli casserole.  Watching the yeast bread rise was a new experience for Taya (and for me too as it overflowed the pan I had placed it in!)  For dessert we served ice cream with a variety of toppings.  After dinner we decided to play a game, since that was a more common entertainment before TV existed. So we all enjoyed a game of Guesstures, which is a variation of charades.

Some comments we heard were:

“You look like Grandma!” (to Taya from her sister).

“This is beautiful.  I haven’t sat down at a table for a meal for a long time.”  (from Taya’s cousin)

“Wow this is so intimate with the candles.” (from Taya’s mom)

At the end of the evening, I received a big hug from Taya along with lots of thanks from her family.  Can’t wait to see what new ideas she comes up with next year!