Yesterday this happened…

A mom was waiting in our lobby for her 14-year-old son, Josh, who was in the next room getting his first piano lesson. This is a fatherless boy who has longed to learn to play the piano. He has been trying to teach himself for years. His mom finally was able to get him a keyboard. He has been matched to one of our mentors for the past year. Mom said, ‘He was a very angry boy. Now he is happy. He is treating his brother well and he is behaving in school. Andy, (the boy’s mentor) not only changed my son’s life but the whole family as well. Now he is getting his dream of piano lessons.

The Piano is another story.
A music teacher heard of our work in her church. She called and asked if we have a piano. I said no. She said she would like to buy us one. I thanked her but said that I have no idea if we have a place for it and I would not know what to do with it if we had one. Well, that is the wrong thing to say to a music teacher. She was a bit incensed. “Offer piano lessons’ she said. I asked if she would offer these lessons and she said she would. I love the idea. But there are so many good things that we could do but the question is this: is this part of the work God has given us to do. I told her I will pray about it and look and see if we have room and then thanked her again. Truthfully, I hoped she would forget about it. Next week she called again. And again and again. Finally I got a call from a piano store. The owner told me that one of his customers wants to buy us a piano but he said that he wanted to give it. So now I have two people trying to give me a piano. I told him that because we have a church on Sundays, we have to be able to move the piano so it must be on a very good set of wheels. He told me he will get it done. Again I thought it was an issue that would be forgotten. A month later he called and said he will be by on Saturday to drop it off.  We have a piano and we have a very gifted piano teacher who is giving two of our matched children piano lessons for free. Personally, I think God put this piano bug in the piano teacher’s mind just because he knew it would be a lifesaving tool in Josh’s life. Yes I do believe God knows the dreams of a young fatherless boy as well as the flight of a sparrow.