Building with sign

I am writing to ask you to invest in something that I strongly believe will continue to be a tool in God’s hand long after you and I see Him face to face. I will explain:

Fourteen years ago, I was on my way to preach at a church that is now Shelter Rock Church in Syosset. I usually use this time right before preaching to run the sermon over in my mind and to pray. But this time, I was totally distracted by a vision for the Long Island Youth Mentoring Center. This idea was not something I had ever thought of, but there it was. I often think in pictures and I believe God used this fact to show me what was on His mind.

The next day, I met with a very good friend for lunch. I told him about the vision and asked him if he thought it was from God or from an over active imagination. He said he did not know but he would join me in praying about it. So I prayed and I went out looking at commercial real estate. Two weeks later, this same friend called me and asked me about the vision. I told him I had been looking at real estate and found it was far more expensive than I had thought and I had shelved the idea. He said, ‘I disagree. Let’s meet for lunch today.’ And we did.

For the first twenty minutes of our lunch, he told me why he thought the vision was from the heart of God. Then he reached into his front shirt pocket, pulled out a check that was folded in quarters and said; ‘This is how much I believe this vision is from God.’ I opened the check. I had to read it twice. $500,000


It took us the next seven years to find the building that was in the vision. But we found it. Outside it was over grown with weeds thigh high. Inside it was inhabited with about 60 starlings and a dozen squirrels.England and Scottland 001 It was a gray box with two rooms, no electricity, plumbing or heat and it sat on an acre of land in Brentwood. It was on the market for $1,200,000. We offered $800,000 and got the building as is for $500,000. We paid cash. Yes we had the perfect amount.

We then borrowed $600,000 from several partners in the ministry to renovate the building. It was a six year loan with a balloon payment that is now due in total this August.  Various contractors donated $180,000 in labor and materials. So the total amount in this beautiful building is $1,280,000.

We owe $485,000 to pay off the balloon payment. Therefore, I am now presenting this as an opportunity for you to invest in a tool that God has used and will continue to use to express His love, His truth and His way to thousands of His children who feel unwanted and hopeless. I believe this building came out of the heart of God and it is His. I do not believe I need to sell this to you any more than I did to my friend at the diner fourteen years ago. If God wants you to be a part of this, you already know it. If not, please feel no guilt and praise God for His provision through others.


Here are two ways you can be a part of this.

  1. You can give to pay off this dept.

I am guessing the amount needed will come in in the following increments:

1 Gift for $200,000

1 Gift for $100,000

1 Gift for $50,000

2 Gifts for $25,000

5 Gifts for $10,000

5 Gifts for $5,000

10 Gifts for $1,000

If you see yourself as being a part of this investment please send your gift to:Long Island Youth Mentoring, 153 McNair St. Brentwood NY 11717, or call me at 631-242-5101. Your gift can of course be given in any payment schedule you design.

Appreciated Stock or Real Estate

If you have appreciated stock or real estate, it is a wonderful way to give because you get the full tax deduction of the full value on the date of donation and you avoid all capital gains tax. (follow the links above for more information)

  1. Join in the New Mortgage

The total balloon payment is due in August so I am also setting up a mortgage. It is a ten year mortgage at 3% interest. I really have no idea how God will provide these funds. I know it seems as if I am going full speed in two directions, but I am not. I am going down the donation road and the loan road and I believe we will meet at a place in August where we will have a large amount donated and we will know if we need a mortgage and how much that mortgage needs to be if we need it. I do want to do my human part so that we are faithful to those who have loaned the ministry these funds and expect them to be paid by August. To date we have one couple and one woman who have pledged to be a part of this mortgage for $100,000 each if we need it. So we may need more than the $200,000 pledged. If you can be a part of this ministry tool through this loan, please give me a call. (631)242-5101 I will not know what is needed until August. The total amount needed whether through gifts or loans is $485,000. Please prayerfully join Kay and me in considering what God would have you do.