“I want to climb this rock.”

Dad could have stepped in, picked his girl up and placed her safely on top. It would have been quick and easy and he could have gone back to what he was doing.  But he chose differently.


A good dad allows and supports age appropriate struggle, risk and at times even failure. This takes time, thought, effort and wisdom. In this case, Jason saw four year old Abby wanted up and he gave her a hand in a way where she was safe, the task was doable but she had to struggle.










This was the result.DSC_0967 Abby received the joy of accomplishment while experiencing the safety of her father’s arms.  This builds not only character within a child but a relationship between daughter and daddy.

Take dad out of these pictures and you have a frustrated little girl standing by a rock her four year old self cannot overcome. In time, she learns more about what she cannot do than what she can. God shows His heart for the fatherless and the orphan in His word. In Psalm 68:5 He lets us know that He is the Father of the fatherless. Forty times he tells us that He is calling His Church to minister to His children.

Long Island Youth Mentoring can not replace the nurturing, care, protection and provision that is lost when dad leaves the home. But the Father to the fatherless can. One way He loves on His children is by calling Christian men to mentor His boys and Christian woman to mentor His girls.

This call may seem like a rock you dare not climb. Say yes! His hand will be beneath your foot.

John Cragg