two ticketsSometimes working with a child and having them begin to believe that they’re going to do great things is challenging. One idea is to begin to tell them that whatever they’re interested in, you want tickets for that event when they get better. I knew a young man who is very interested in baseball and I said I wanted tickets for a game when he got older because he was going to be great at it. I told him that I wanted really good seats but it couldn’t be for the Mets; it had to be the Yankees. Later on, after this young man spoke with a businessman, he said that’s what he wanted to be. I told him that I wanted tickets for that and he said there were no tickets for businessmen. I said the “businessman of the year” dinner would be great except the chicken would be no good. I knew he began to catch on when one day he asked me if there were tickets for track and field. I smiled and looked at him and said yes that’s called the Olympics and I definitely want tickets for that.

  • Ask if they could do or be anything, what would it be?
  • Discuss the possible obstacles in the way.
  • Discuss paths around those obstacles.
  • Share Henry Ford Quote “If you think you can or you think you can’t you will be right”
  • No one has ever accomplished anything unless they believed they could do it, and they gave it a real try!

Article by: Vince Eppolito