• Encourage intellectual curiosity. Visit the library, museums, and educational or cultural events. Find ways to include music, sports, a new language, or similar endeavors to your activities.
  • Encourage them to talk about feelings, accomplishments, and problems. Listen actively, reflecting back on what they share with you. Expect drama but focus on facts.
  • Show an interest in assignments and classwork. Try to discuss school subjects during the normal course of conversation. Ask them if you can help and/or what they need.
  • Encourage good nutrition. Help them make healthy choices when you go out to eat.
  • Encourage healthy friendships. Model appropriate social and emotional skills. Practice problem solving when situations arise.
  • Give lots of encouragement with lots of praise whenever possible. Let mistakes be OK. Expect success.
  • Pray for them. Ask them what they would like you to pray for. Include school concerns and academic success in your time of prayer with them.