Why should Aesop have all the fun?

by John Cragg

mentoring ministry

There was a hurt crow in my backyard. The fact that I took note of this is “Corona New”. He hopped behind my shed as I walked out. As I neared the back of the yard, I noticed another crow was on my fence yelling at me. To my right was another crow in my neighbor’s tree joining in on the warning, or at least criticism. Then I heard one crow objecting to my presence from the top of a tree in my front yard. I am not sure if it was a new respect for what was going on or visions of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “The Birds,” that moved my feet back to my house.

Many things have changed in my life, and all this change has made me take notice of details that I usually unintentionally ignore. I was amazed that my wounded friend had bird buddies. I went to Google and found that crows mate for life, and when a crow dies, they have “crow funerals.” How little I know about my 40×120 patch of ground that I call home.

My mind now goes to the pictures from the Hubble telescope. The farther we look, the more we learn how little we know. Then I see this picture of The Virus. It looks like a burr that would stick to your sweater on a hike. Yet this “burr” has baffled the most celebrated minds, yet they have been unable to admit how little they know. The deeper we look into outer space and the deeper we look into inner space, the more we find out how little we really know. But there is another space.

Christian mentoringGod gave us a book that was written by the creator of everything that lives in my yard and a bit beyond. This last week I have become aware that if there are levels of understanding of His word, I am on level one. “The Bible is shallow enough to give a thirsty man a sip of water and deep enough to drown the greatest scholar.” I have been thirsty, sipping, and enjoying perspective and peace.

I find it amazing how addictive it is to turn on the TV and daily abide in governmental virus reports. The charts are beautiful and authoritative. Everyone seems to know what is going on and what needs to be done to keep us all safe. I feel like I need to know this! Yet the graphics and projections all need to be redone every time something changes. When they are revised, “now we really know…until tomorrow.”

The Bible sits there on the coffee table, brimming with the truth that does not change because the all-powerful, all-knowing, loving creator wrote it. He has already said it. In this life, you will have many troubles. There is nothing safe here. No mask, no hospital, no respirator can make us safe, only the cross.  This is the time for the Church; you and me to kneel, drink from the fountain of truth and then to stand up and proclaim with our lives and our mouths that Jesus Christ is The Way to safety. He is The Truth who never changes. He is The Only Way to actual safety because His answer is eternal.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”
Matthew 24:35