smart_phone1-237x300Can you hear me now?” If I had a dime for every time I either heard or said that phrase when using my cell phone…well, let’s just say YM would not need to raise money. We would be all set. The agents that picked up on and coined that phrase for a cell phone advertisement sure were on to something; staying connected to those we value is important. We live in a time where constant communication is possible almost anywhere, anytime, and we’ve become dependent on it. Not being able to “hear now” is unacceptable in modern society. Another frequently asked question is “who’s your service provider?” We want to know who has the best ability to keep us connected and able to hear at all times.

Just recently I took one of our matches out to dinner to celebrate their one-year anniversary. While we sat in a quaint little café munching on french-fries, I listened to story after story of all the fun they’ve had together and marveled at how close their relationship was already Sometime between dips into ketchup and slurps of hot fudge sundaes, I asked a question of each of them, “Do you think of God any differently because of your match?” Faith*, the mentor, readily answered that she has found that God has a sense of humor through her match. She finds spending time with Denise* a great joy. Denise took a little more time to ponder the question as she removed all the unwanted items from her banana split, including the bananas! She finally answered…“I can hear God now.” I asked what she meant by that and she said that before she knew Faith she would listen to people talk about God and it wouldn’t make any sense, and now when she listens it is like he is talking right to her. Praise God!

Faith had the privilege of leading Denise to the Lord a few months ago. She belongs to God now. John 8:47 says, “He who belongs to God hears what God says…” Please continue to pray for our mentors as they spend time with their matches. Pray that they will be able help their matches hear God now by showing them how to connect to the best service provider ever, Jesus Christ.

Oh, by the way, since no one is actually going to give me a dime every time I say “can you hear me now”, would you please prayerfully consider giving to Long Island Youth Mentoring?  ?

*Names changed