true-friendship-300x228I recently met with a child and his mentor to celebrate their one-year anniversary of being matched.  At that lunch meeting, I asked *Adam, a twelve year old, if his mentor had shown him something new about God.  Without any hesitation he said, “*Troy radiates Jesus and I hope that I will shine like him someday.”  Now I knew Adam liked to talk and that words are his friends, but to hear this poetic answer from him still brought me to tears right there in the middle of Applebees.  To have such an impact in such a short amount of time was more than I or Troy would have dared to hope for.

By simply spending time with Troy, Adam was able to see the true, vibrant, God-created colors in his elder friend’s life.  And through the illuminating truth that this friendship brings, he has now begun to realize that he has these colors as well.

Please consider giving to Long Island Youth Mentoring as an opportunity to participate in God’s creative work in the lives of His children whom may never get to see their “true colors” unless someone takes the time to show them.

*Names changed