Friendship for Single MothersThe main objective in starting the Mothers’ Ministry was to provide friendship for the mothers of LIYM children since they often have needs themselves. Many of these mothers are single parents and have little or no support from family or friends. Often they are lonely and isolated with little time to go out and make friends.

In addition, they usually have few skills that are marketable, which leaves them financially insecure. Sometimes their social skills are also lacking which exacerbates the entire situation.

A Mothers’ Ministry mentor (women only) meets with a mother whose life circumstances are difficult and challenging. Through meeting weekly for 1 to 2 hours, she begins to know someone who cares. The role of the Mothers’ Ministry mentor is to be a friend.

As a Mothers’ Ministry Mentor, the mentor spends one to two hours a week with an assigned match. The relationship may be built around coffee at a diner, a walk on the beach, riding bicycles, sharing a meal together or whatever else the two individuals enjoy doing.