It really is not easy. Every week, that day comes around where you have planned that two hours of your time will be given to God in the shape of mentoring that one child. It will be time from your hobby or your time working around the house or just reading. It is not convenient. But is obedience to God’s call ever convenient. Think of Moses when he faced the call from the bush. He had a life, a wife, kids and sheep. He knew the cost, he complained, felt unworthy and then obeyed. It is the same for us all. The idea that when God calls he ‘Opens every door’ and makes things easy is just a lie that is planted by the enemy to get God’s people to turn around when things are difficult. It will not be easy for you to answer God’s call here.

I will, however, promise you that it is as simple as it is difficult. If God calls you to minister His love and way to a fatherless or orphaned child, He will show up. Over the 32 years that Long Island Youth Mentoring has been in existence we have found that when a mentor first prays up, then shows up, God shows up. Results are not dependent on education, intelligence or occupation. Only faithfulness to the call matters. Many mentors find that being on the mission field to a troubled child is one of the highlights of their lives. So many have seen the results and have said these very words. ‘But I did not do anything.’ Here again we see the example of Moses. When He went to Pharaoh God showed up and the sea became red. Was it Moses that turned the sea? When you pray up and then show up every week, God shows up and a child experiences the reality of the Gospel before he can understand the words of the Gospel.

My only question is this: are you called?

If so, your only question is whether you will be obedient.

Following are some of the pictures of the called and obedient on Long Island.