How Many Dads Are We Able To Buy?

A Christian school was preparing to have Larry Raab, a leading member of our staff, as the chapel speaker. The school was working with the children to raise money for this ministry as a mission project. The young children were told that this is a ministry to the fatherless. One sensitive youngster understood the problem better than most and asked: “How many dads are we going to be able to buy?”

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I’d be Blind Not To See God’s Plan in My Life!

Little did anyone who was at that Warren Christie meeting dream that this would be the birth of Youth for Christ which has contributed to or birthed countless other ministries like Dr. Graham’s ministry and even Long Island Youth Mentoring. It was just one meeting. ‘Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the apples in a seed.’

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Max is Waiting

He opened the small lidded box slowly, almost reverently, and introduced me to his treasures one by one. Among them was a small toy airplane, a rock shining with mica, and a souvenir from an outing with his parents. I listened raptly as he told me how he had acquired each item and pointed out their other distinguishing characteristics. Then suddenly he looked up at me, directly into my eyes and said, “My daddy died.”

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I Feel So Alive

The mentor's purpose and plan was clear from the beginning; to lovingly care for her new friend during simple outings to the park, the beach, on bike rides, or anything that did not cost much money but did give them an opportunity to laugh, talk and get to know each other. Through the rapid development of this simple friendship, Courtney’s heart began to change.

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Most Meaningful Memory Of My Life

Dear John, Last weekend, Bette & I  were privileged to attend Jonathon's graduation from St. Leo University in Florida.  John, I can say without exaggeration, that my experience with Jonathon has been one of the most meaningful efforts with which I have been involved in my life! And the amazing thing is, showing love [...]

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Pig Face

A mentor is a window for a child, to view personal life possibilities and to see their value in God’s eyes. As Joanna* drives them off to their weekly destination each week, Shelly* will often pour out her heart from the back seat. Her aches, disappointments, hurts, and hopes go tumbling up to the driver’s seat, reaching Joanna’s ears and heart.

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Roger & Chris are the most unlikely of pairs. Roger is all gray-haired, Jesus loving wisdom. Chris is all things youthful, including the usual confusion & insecurities. They have been matched for over four years, walking together through the ups & downs of Chris’ challenging life; homelessness, group home placement, suicide attempts, family implosions, changing schools,

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