The Call To Christian Mentoring

Thirty years ago I stood on the sidewalk and watched a home burn while waiting for the Firemen who had never been called. I did not know it then, but a five year-old girl was also waiting for rescue that came too late. Today 150 children wait for a Christian mentor to show them the way out of a toxic life. This time I am not waiting, and I hope you will join me.

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Having fun together and building a relationship doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The following activities have been divided into categories for your convenience but don’t limit yourselves...if it looks like fun to you then by all means give it a try! (The numbers in parenthesis after the activity is the suggested [...]

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Because Having a Heart has Not Worked by John Cragg After 50 years and over 22 trillion dollars, we have settled into fighting the war on poverty without a thought to what our goal is. Is our goal to move the poor from dependence to self-sufficiency like President Johnson said when war was declared? [...]

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Culturally Inconvenient Fatherless Facts

It was 1930 when the following article was written. Way back then we identified the fact that there is an unmistakable connection between fatherlessness and crime. (Keep in mind that the fatherless rate was below 3% at this time.) With the establishment of juvenile courts in the United States around 1900 and the compilation of [...]

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An Opportunity to Invest in a Tool in God’s Hand

I am writing to ask you to invest in something that I strongly believe will continue to be a tool in God’s hand long after you and I see Him face to face. I will explain: Fourteen years ago, I was on my way to preach at a church that is now Shelter Rock Church [...]

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Do We Take THE ANSWER For Granted?

“Ok, lets review. What is the name of Elizabeth and Zachariah’s son?” “Jesus!” said the 9 fourth and fifth graders in unison.” It is the Christian Jeopardy default for kids. I laughed. It reminded me of a story of a pastor who asks the following question during a children’s sermon. “What is gray, has a furry tail, collects nuts and hops?”

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Jesus refers to God as ‘Abba’ Father over one hundred times in the Gospel of John alone. When asked by His disciples to teach them to pray, He started His lesson with ‘Our Father’. This name for God points to the level of intimacy that we are made to have with God. When He was [...]

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Fatherless Day

I worked in the Nassau County jail, in a very large dorm-like room with just over 116, 20-year-old, mostly fatherless, young men. Most of these teens were facing felony charges. The Thursday afternoon meeting would begin with an attention-getter that would start them talking about their experiences and then we would share truth from [...]

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‘A Father to the fatherless is God…’

God came to us at Christmas through Jesus so that we can have a relationship with Him. Relationships are big to God. He wants to have one with each of us and has given us the privilege and responsibility to be His light in a dark world through relationships. Psalm 68:5 tells us that [...]

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88 L.I. Boys Wait for a Mentor

I was at my church and community harvest party and it seems like all the moms were serving and the dads were walking the kids around to have fun. I must admit at first it felt good to see that many dads with their kids. Everyone enjoyed the music, dads were showing off at the ring the bell with the sledgehammer game, and the kids were eating their fair share of candy.

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